Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I am soo happy that there is a place I can get this off my chest. What is up with all the glossy horror movies?
When I was younger, horror movies made the hair stand up on the back of your neck and if you saw it at home, you ended up turning every light on in the house.

Remember, Black Christmas? I loved how the killer was never unmasked. Now, the killer would be some Johnny Depp look alike pouting about how he was abused. Remember Evil Dead? The Little Girl Down The Lane? The Masque of the Red Death? Alice, Sweet Alice? Last House on the Left(original)? Audition? The Devil's Rejects? Feast?

Those movies gave me creeps. In a good way. These days, I go to see a horror movie and I am disgusted by how every teen looks like the stepped out of the cast of Dawson's Creek and though the villain is different, they all seem to be remakes of Scream. I don't want the hero to always win, I want gore that looks real, and I want an ending that no sees coming.

I implore the directors and screen writers in Hollywood to stop remaking classics and start coming up with really scary movies and put actors we are not familiar with in it. Make us pay attention to the storyline not just sit and wait until the next princess or frat boy gets it in the head with the meat cleaver :)