Friday, December 10, 2010

Upcoming horror movies

Well.....I have a list of some upcoming Horror films and kiddies it's NOT looking good. Sorry for going off topic with whole Christmas thing, it just pisses me off the way it's soooo commercial. Anyhoo, the list includes such gems as Friday the 13th part 28, sorry, I mean, 2, a much needed remake of Child's Play, a remake of Fright Night (why????), Cloverfield 2 (I guess the monster had a baby and it took this long for it to surface), Wolf Creek 2 (the guy who survived didn't call the police?), and my personal favorite.....Drum Roll Please........Children of the Corn: Dweller.

Really? Really? Does anyone else feel hurt?

Ok. Maybe Final Destination 5 will be alright. At least you can count on some cool death scenes. Speaking of death scenes, those of you who are big on zombies.....Hollywood hasn't forgotten about you.........A movie called Cannibals that sounds like a...sorry about this.....REMAKE of Zombie Holocaust is coming out.  You Can Scream Now........................or maybe roll your eyes and groan.

The horror genre is going to hell in a handbasket if someone doesn't start making great horror movies again. No more raping the 1980's and early 90's. It's time for some Blood, Sweat, Tears, and more Blood:)

Christmas is a rip off Not a Holy Day

It is a fact that Jesus's birthday was around Harvest time not in December, yet many people will gather at churches to celebrate Christ's birthday. Many television stations will air movies about the christmas spirit that clearly connect Christmas with the birth of Jesus.


Are we so fragile that the thought of celebrating Christmas as a holiday to give/receive gifts and not a religious day so scary that we would rather celebrate a lie?