Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is Horror?

Since the 1970's, what can truly be defined as horror has changed. Horror movies depicted death as real and the villain as crazy people living on the outskirts of society (anyone remember Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills Have Eyes?).
But then the mid to late seventies spawned a new type of villian, the boogeyman and that changed how horror movies were made and what audiences have come to expect.
Horror movies consist of a simple formula that No One deviates from now. Oh, you get some gems every now and then (saw, hostel), but the beauty of horror films is that horror can found anywhere.
A child's smile, a quiet little town, a crowded elevator, or an abandoned van with blacked out windows. All of these things are terrifying and simple.
No convoluted stories about scarecrows, leprechauns, haunted mansions, ghost towns, desendants of witches or ghouls.
I ranted about the genre becoming glossy and the various bad remakes coming out but now I am pleading with the fans. Stop wasting your money on new horror movies and remakes of just plain bad horror movies, spend your money on some good old "classic" horror movies.
I just spent last Saturday watching Creepshow 1,2, and 3. No blue screens, bad props, but more enjoyable than anything new I've seen.

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