Friday, May 20, 2011

Macho Man Randy Savage

Hello Everybody,

If you haven't heard, Macho Man Randy Savage died today of a heart attack in a car crash. I know this whole blog is supposed to be about horror movies, but Randy Savage was a part of my youth. I remember watching him, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, and the Junkyard Dog wrestle it out every Saturday.

After the Slim Jim ads became old news, we didn't see much of him. He didn't get caught up in the reality show craziness. He didn't have a mental breakdown, or become an addict. He was a class act. I loved the character and bless him for having the tenacity to keep coming back match after match.

He recently remarried and I know his wife will surely miss him.

To other fans out there, we will all grieve, but we should celebrate his life as well.
(For the "overly" loyal fans, please don't kill yourselves trying to imitate his signature moves this weekend then place them on YouTube)