Monday, June 27, 2011

-excerpt from "Faithful"

   The next day Wendy awoke to thunder. It was raining terribly and she had to drive a long way to work. Just as she hit Dead Man's Curve, an SUV came speeding up behind her. The brights were on and Wendy tried to wave it around her.

    That's when it rammed her. Her Camry fishtailed and grabbed the wheel. The SUV rammed her again. She screamed, put her foot on the gas and sped off. Seconds later, it was at her side and began pushing her off the road. The small car didn't stand a chance. It hit the guardrail then flipped over where the guardrail ended. She came to a stop upside down at the bottom of Graham Forge.

Three hours later, a passerby saw the wreck and dialed 911. The paramedics found Wendy inside unconscious, still strapped inside her seat. They pulled her out and checked for a pulse. A few minutes later, Kiel arrived.

He immediately recognized the car. He ran to the stretcher praying Wendy was alright. Wendy had on an oxygen mask but was still unresponsive. A paramedic told him Wendy had suffered a blow to the head and needed to get to the hospital...

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