Friday, July 29, 2011


"Hello?" the voice moaned

"Hello? Who is this?"


"Who is this? This is not funny. Jerk." click.

The sound of the phone ringing made her skin crawl.

"Your beautiful when your maaad." the voice whispered.

Her heart stopped. She lived on the sixth floor of an apartment building.

"Hello, I just wanna talk to you. You know what you did to her."

She could barely hear him over her heart beating in her ears. She desperately tried to blink back tears.
Where was he? She hadn't been out all day. When did he get in?

"Your place is just how I pictured it would be. Why are you so quiet? Maybe it's time we meet."

Holly dropped the phone and ran for the door. As her hand took hold of the doorknob she was jerked backwards. Her body slammed into the glass table with such force she immediately lost consciousness.

She awoke in terrible pain. Slowly her ordeal started to come back to her. Her heart began to beat faster, her body became bathed in a cold sweat as she realized someone had attacked her and may still be there. She could hear life going on outside her building for some time before she decided he was gone.

The next week she couldn't keep anything down and her nightmares were more intense often keeping her awake for many days. Holly had to concentrate on what was real whenever she left her apartment.

"Holly, sweetie, you don't look so good."

Holly turned to see Mrs. Clocksy standing in her doorway. Mrs. Clocksy didn't look so good either, she thought to herself. In fact, Mrs. Clocksy looked very, very wrong.

As Mrs. Clocksy approached, Holly started to back up.

"What's wrong, Holly?"

Holly couldn't believe what she was seeing. Mrs. Closky's eyes were bleeding. The blood ran down her face and hit her shoes in little droplets.

"Holly what is it?"

Holly screamed, ran into her apartment, and locked the door. Something was happening to her. Something was wrong. Why couldn't she remember exactly what happened to her?
She sat on the couch crying with her head in her hands. It wasn't until she tried to look up that the real terror began. As she pulled her hands away from her face she felt a ripping sensation. She opened her eyes and saw strips of her skin stuck to her hands that were now a foot away from her head.

A piercing scream escaped her throat as she clawed at her face. More and more strips melted away as she clawed at her arms, neck, and legs. The sight of her body without skin in the bathroom mirror made her vomit. 

Why? She kept saying to herself. Why me? What did he do to me?

Flashes of that night began to come at her fast as she crossed the living room to get to the kitchen knives. First, his hot breath on her face. Then his last words to her before he.....

"I have given you a gift. All the old will be stripped away. You will know the pain you have caused. You ran over my little girl. I watched her die in my hands. Do you know me now?"
Tears rolled down the muscle under her eyes. He had infected her. She would continue to rot until nothing was left. She yanked the drawer out of the desk and dumped the contents on the floor. His number had to be there. The little girl with the yellow ribbon. Why did she have to run out into the street?

The court had cleared her. She had apologized over and over. What the hell did he want from her?


On a piece of yellow legal pad paper. She quickly dialed and felt relief when a woman answered.


"Mrs. Harrison, this is Holly Wilson, I need to speak with husband now!"

"Are you insane? He's dead. You killed him. One week after you were acquitted, he had a massive coronary. You bitch. You ruined my family and I hope you die!" Click.

Holly listened to the dial tone only second before collapsing on the living room floor.

An hour later, Mrs. Clocksy and the police arrived at her door knocking and calling for her.

"She wasn't crazy."

"Ma'am, you have to be crazy to scratch your own eyes out. Poor thing bled right out. Must have finally gotten to her what she did to that kid, you know?"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Be Nice

"I'm so hungry I could eat a cow."

"If you do, you'll regret it. C'mon, we said we would diet together, Cassie. Don't mess up now!"

"Hayley, you just don't understand."

"I understand that a good friend would stick by me."

"Really, your gonna go there? I don't even need to lose any weight and neither do you."

"I just want to lose five more pounds. Ok? Don't punk out on me now."

"I've been there for you through real issues. This is bullshit."

"Fine! I don't need you. Get out Bitch! Now!"

"Don't call me that. I told you to never call me that."

"OR WHAT!!!"

They police never found Hayley's head.........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A smile

As Alicia headed down the dark highway, she begged the car not to stop.

"O come on! Don't stop! Come on baby, just make it to the next gas station, please!"

The Dodge Neon chugged along for a few more then came to a stop.

Alicia knew she couldn't stay in the car and wait for another person to come by. She hadn't seen anyone going in either direction in the last hour she had been on this road.


She grabbed the steering wheel lock in one hand and closed the car door with the other. She held it like a sword for about 20 feet or so, before relaxing her grip.

"Thank God you came along. I thought I was going to have to walk for miles and miles."

"Oh dear, no. The station is just 4 more miles up the road. But it is quite dangerous for a young girl such as yourself to be out here at night. Strange things happen out here." Martha said with a smile.

"Strange? what do you mean by that? What kind of strange things?"

"Oh nothing to worry about, dear. I'm sure they are all just silly wives' tales."

The old ladys' smile started to bother Alicia. It started to bother her a lot.

"Well, it looks like that station is right where you said it would be. I'll just call AAA and get the car towed back here. Thanks a lot for your help."

Still smiling, Martha replied, "Oh it's noooo problem. But I don't think you'll be calling anybody anymore."

The car sped up and soon the gas station was getting smaller and smaller.

"What the hell are doing? Let me out now!"

"Don't think so dear."

"Oh you're going to let me out."

Alicia grabbed the steering wheel lock with one hand at each end and drove it into Martha's temple. Dark colored sludge began pouring out of the old woman's skull.

Alicia screamed and raised the bar once more then stopped.

Martha had not stopped smiling. She turned to face Alicia. Her eyes were yellow, she had no nose, her lips were gone. That smile, that smile, that smile....

"We going for a ride, dear. You just sit back and relax...."

Monday, July 11, 2011


I watched the wind blow through the trees as she screamed in the background.
I heard the wind howl as he struck her in the head.
I watched the trees sway back and forth as he dragged her body across the living room floor.

He watched as I mopped up the blood.
He watched when I started shaving her head.
He watched as I plugged in the electric saw.....

WE watched television as we ate dinner....
SHE watched the wind blow through the trees from the cutting board...

I have a very special recipe I would LOVE for you to try....
Won't you come over?
Become a part of my pie???

short story by Deyandra Williams