Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mother's Love

My daughter is eleven. She is just perfect. I love her so much. This year I got her so many toys it was crazy.
Mrs. Johnson doesn't like her. She thinks that I spoil her. If you knew my daughter, you would spoil her too. Yesterday, I saw her playing with a squirrel. She didn't know it was dead until I told her. Should've seen the look on her face.

She says she has nightmares of monsters and ghosts. I told her to be brave. There are no monsters any more....

Her dad always loved her. He would kill to make sure she and I were safe. When the bailiff came looking for us, he had a hammer and made sure we were safe. We sure did eat good that night...

She's starting to get older and I guess it's time I let her in on our family secret.

We protect our own. At all costs. It's God's will. We are a good people. When our parents died, we didn't pout, we got down on our knees and thanked Him for his good will and then we ate and celebrated. That's how she came to be.

We were so proud. Our little girl. Our precious little angel.

My big brother brought us home a huge meal. Two hikers he managed to outsmart. Pretty good for someone who dropped out in the third grade huh?

That was her first lesson. How to carve. She was so attentive.

Then she brought home her first grade teacher. We were so proud. We let her do her first carving. How we giggled....

Now the FBI is here and we have to fight.

They don't know how much we have been looking forward to this. Daddy had me prepared when I was ten. He taught Doug later. Much later. He was so much younger.

The first shot didn't hit nothing but an old baby doll in her room. She didn't play with that after we got her a full grown girl to play with.

Now there are many FBI agents to deal with. They have so many guns, it's starting to get scary. Daddy says it'll be ok, but I don't know.

"What are you doing, Sweetpea?"

"Daddy says it's time for us to go on. Bye Mommy."

"No! You are my daughter. I love you!"

"I was your daughter, now I am your replacement. Have a good afterlife."

Bang! Bang!

"I didn't know that my mother was a psycho. I'm just glad my baby won't inherit her traits. She and my Dad had so many problems. You understand, don't you?"

"I understand. I just want you to know that the FBI is here for you. You will be released into the state's hands for foster care."

"Long as I can have my baby, I'm fine, Agent."