Sunday, March 11, 2012


 This thing is bigger than you and I. Many people will be over joyed by the arrival of my baby girl. She is royalty you know. Her father is revered as a champion of the people. My grandmother has been telling me for years how my child will change the world.

 Dr. Grandhower is very concerned however. He says that my baby is growing very fast and could come sooner than predicted. He says that I should have my blood tested to see if anything is wrong with the baby. He was involved in a fatal car crash on his way home.

  Mother says my new doctor is smart and won't question such things as the baby's growth. Mother says he is aware of how important my daughter is. Her father is extremely happy about this. He brings me gifts all the time.

  Mother came home yesterday highly upset. She said my baby is in danger from her father. I couldn't believe the things she said. She told me my baby is not royalty and that she will be condemned to a horrible life of suffering.

 Total crap, right? That's what her Dad said and I believe in Him. He sent a friend to take me and my baby to a safe place.....

 The star's are aligned just how He said it would be on the eve of her birth.

 Get ready world! Your Savior has come.........