Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monster In The House

"Jimmy isn't afraid of the monster, are you? asked Deon.

"Heck no. Arnie's just a little girl." giggled Thomas.

Arnie looked down at the ground and whispered, "Am not. I'm not afraid of anything."

The three boys grinned at each other.

"Alright, braveheart, you gotta stay in the Wellington house for a whole hour." said Deon

"He won't do it. He's a chicken." laughed Jimmy.

Their laughter pierced his heart. He wasn't a coward and he would prove it.

"If I stay an hour, yall have to stay for two hours." he retorted

There was a long silence as the boys looked at each other uneasily.

"You can stay in a group." he said with a smile

"You can't punk me. I'll do it. Deon will too. Won't you."

"S-s-sure. I'm not afraid."

"Sound a little shaky there Deon. Are you sure?" taunted Arnie.

"Whatever. Just go into the house, already." Deon retorted.

The Wellington house was your typical 'haunted' house. Old, peeling, dull paint inside and out. There were boards across the windows and the grass was terribly overgrown. It's outward appearance and the fertile imagination of every child in the neighborhood turned a neglected house into a haunted house.

Arnie knew this as he confidently walked up to the front door. He couldn't wait to see the looks on the other boys faces when he returned unharmed and unafraid. He would be looked at with admiration in school from now on, instead of ridiculed and picked on.

The boys couldn't believe it. Arnie didn't even look back before entering the spook house.

"Hey, man, if the nerd boy can do it, we have to do it." said Jimmy

"Yeah, if we come out even a minute early, we are screwed." said Thomas

Arnie sat on the old dusty couch and grinned. He made it. Now, not only did they have to stay an extra hour, it was starting to get dark. This was classic. He almost started laughing when he saw the look on their faces when he opened the door. They could welch on a bet like this and now it was getting dark. Classic.

"Well, your turn fellas." he said with a grin

"I don't know what your smiling about, your still a geek." mumbled Jimmy

"Whatever you say." said Arnie grinning wider now.

The three boys first looked at each other then slowly walked towards the house. The inside was musty and there was dust everywhere. It was getting dark when the started, but with the boards on the windows, it was black inside.

"Give me a lighter, Deon." said Thomas

"Here, man. Don't burn yourself."

"Ha Ha. Just give it to me."

"So what do we do for two hours?" asked Jimmy

"Let's look around. We're gonna need something bigger than a lighter." said Deon

No one not even Arnie noticed the figure in the upstairs window. The figure had looked upon Arnie with sympathy and pure hatred for the other boys. As Arnie started walking home, the figure began to move. He had a plan for the boys.....He would have so much fun with them.

Jimmy heard it first. Then Deon. And finally Thomas saw him.

"What the hell is that?" asked Jimmy

"I think someone is here, man." said Deon

"I know someone is here!" yelled Thomas

Thomas turned a ran towards the stairs. As he tumbled down, the other boys looked on in horror.
A man had come out of one of the dark rooms with an ax. He had a crazed look on his face and was dirty from head to toe.

The ax hit Thomas in the back as he ran. His neck made a snapping sound as he hit the bottom of the stairs. Jimmy, the bigger of the three, charged at the man, knocking him to the floor. Deon was right on Jimmy's heels and they began punching and screaming at the man.

A kick in the groin stopped Jimmy long enough for the man to reach for his hammer. It came down hard on Deon's forehead forcing blood to run down his face. He made a soft whimpering noise as he fell on his side. Jimmy started to cry.

"Don't cry yet. I'm not finished with you, yet." said the man in a low menacing voice.

Arnie couldn't wait to tell everyone how he stayed in the haunted house for an hour and how scared the other boys were. He decided to take the long way to school so he could pass by the house that he conquered.

When Arnie approached the front of house he dropped his lunch bag and wet his pants.

Jimmy was hanging by a sheet out of the upstairs bedroom window. His pants were down and his genitals had been cut off and were sticking out of his mouth. His eyes were gouged out and the word bully was scratched across his stomach.

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