Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's Your Favorite Horror Movie IV

 16. Sleepaway Camp has become infamous for Angela's 'unveiling' at the end. The twist, plus the God awful clothes make this a perfect date movie.


17. I love Stephen King. Why? This movie has everything I love in a horror movie. No clear heroes or villains, just people being seriously screwed up and easily manipulated, plus the ending. Some have complained that it was just too dark, but that's life, right? Sometimes the outcomes aren't pretty. This ending will leave your jaw on the ground.


18. Scene after scene of gory action. From the beginning when the killer is getting head from a deceased individual, to the father getting his head knocked off by a dresser, to the revealing of the killer, this movie has it all. Viva La France!

19. The saddest, most vicious true life story I have ever seen. Sometimes real life is truly more horrifying than anything anyone could imagine.


20. The Haunting of Julia is just plain spooky. Poor Mia Farrow can't catch a break. The atmosphere seems so dreamlike and beautiful it makes you want to turn on the lights.





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