Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello my very special victims! It is that warm fuzzy time of the year when I get all giddy with anticipation. Why? Well, it isn't ONLY because Halloween is coming up, but because it means a year of discovering old horror movies and seeing new attempts at horror has gone by. We had our ups (revisioning of Evil Dead) and our lows (remake of Carrie, sorry). So without much further a do, let's get this year's list started!

  1. What could be better than a brother and sister who run a hotel and turn some of their guests into food? And the 'love story' is hilarious! If you're looking for something on a Friday night to make you laugh and occasionally jump, this is for you.                                
2. Love, love, love, love this movie! It has everything a girl like me can't get enough of: Bad ass soundtrack, gory kills, and killers that truly don't give a damn about any of the depraved acts they commit. Rob Zombie, I love you. 

3. The movie that took horror to the next level. Michael Myers. Tall, Silent, and very Deadly. This movie was the nail in the coffin of babysitting for many teenage girls.


4. Who knew that Jason Voorhees' mom was, well, a little touched? I mean, the loss of a child is perhaps the worst thing to happen to any parent, but the methods she


5. This woman scared the crap outta me. I mean, a cut tendon is cringe worthy, Gage's death scene is a tear jerker, but this image is what give me the chills every time I think about disturbing horror movie scenes. That'll do, Zelda. That'll do.

Well, I thought I would wet your whistles with only five today. Tune in Wednesday, October 11th for five more wonderfully terrifying movies.


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