Sunday, August 24, 2014

As Above So Below

  A team of explorers find that the remains of the dead aren't the only creepy things found inside the Catacombs of Paris................ What demons lie in wait for them? Who will Survive? Check out the trailer for As Above So Below, Rated R. In Theatres, August 28, 2014.

Fright Rags Presents...............

Fright-Rags launches Tucker & Dale vs. Evil apparel pre-orders
Limited edition shirts and hats on sale now:
Fright-Rags is paying tribute to one of the most celebrated horror-comedies of the last decade - 2010's Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - with a line of new apparel, including several limited edition pieces.
Eli Craig's Tucker & Dale vs. Evil stars Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") and Tyler Labine (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) as the titular friends whose vacation yields a body count when they're mistaken for murderous hillbillies by a group of college kids.
First up is a shirt designed by Justin Osbourn. Limited to 300 pieces, it's available on T-shirts, girl shirts and zip-up hoodies. There is an additional 200 on baseball tees as well.
Artists Abrar Ajmal and Tony Moore also contribute their takes on the lovable duo, along with an "Evil Ale" emblem shirt by Sam Kaufman. You can get each of these three designs on unisex or girls shirts.
Last but certainly not least, "GIV' ER" snap-back hats are up for grabs. These embroidered, trucker-style caps are modeled after the hat Dale wears in the film. Only 100 are being produced.
Pre-orders have launched on The limited edition  items may sell out before the pre-order period ends, so act fast if you want them. The products are expected to ship in early October.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review copies, interviews and discount codes available upon request
Joe Stauffer's Pieces of Talent, an award-winning independent horror film, is now available on DVD exclusively at This special edition release comes autographed and includes a second disc featuring an hour of bonus content. Watch the official trailer on YouTube:

Pieces of Talent features special effects by Tony Rosen, who created the iconic Annabelle doll for The Conjuring and the upcoming Annabelle. Stauffer's unrelenting vision brings to mind the visual finesse of  David Fincher's Se7en with the unflinching intensity of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In addition to the DVD, Pieces of Talent is also available for instant stream on your computer/mobile device and on limited edition, bloodied VHS tape. Collectors can also take home a unique "death scene" VHS and a hand-crafted bobble head. All of these items are available directly from the filmmakers via the Pieces of Talent webstore. For a limited time, you can enter the coupon code "horror" at check out to save $2.00 on your order.

"After an amazing run in the festival circuit, we are excited to finally have the film available to the public," explains Stauffer, who, in addition to directing, served as co-writer, cinematographer, composer and editor. "We poured our hearts into this project and can't wait for people to see it on the screen."

David Long, who co-wrote the script with Stauffer, stars as a maniacal serial killer posing as a filmmaker, with Kristi Ray as his latest muse. They are joined by Jon Stafford (Full Metal Jacket), Barbara Weetman (Stuck in Love) and Taylor Kowalski (Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever).