Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's Your Favorite Horror Movie IV


 21. This image of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street gave me night terrors for a very, very long time. If your looking for a genuine scare and a glimpse of the ever so crush worthy Johnny Depp, check this classic out.

22. Speaking of nightmares.............Pinhead and the other Cinobites will freak you completely out. Not to mention the sight of someone going from blood stain to human being will have you dry heaving.

23. Vincent Price and Edgar Allen Poe stories go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Masque of the Red Death is a classic and worthy of several viewings.

24. Feast achieves the very hard task of being funny and genuinely scary. I am often skeptical of monster movies because they tend to have a good story that becomes unintentionally funny due to the ridiculousness of the monster. This movie delivers.


25. May. What can I say about May? She's quiet, sweet, and completely out of her ever loving mind. When she decides she should 'make' a friend, she methodically goes about picking 'parts' that her special friend should have. Great watch.





What's Your Favorite Horror Movie IV

 16. Sleepaway Camp has become infamous for Angela's 'unveiling' at the end. The twist, plus the God awful clothes make this a perfect date movie.


17. I love Stephen King. Why? This movie has everything I love in a horror movie. No clear heroes or villains, just people being seriously screwed up and easily manipulated, plus the ending. Some have complained that it was just too dark, but that's life, right? Sometimes the outcomes aren't pretty. This ending will leave your jaw on the ground.


18. Scene after scene of gory action. From the beginning when the killer is getting head from a deceased individual, to the father getting his head knocked off by a dresser, to the revealing of the killer, this movie has it all. Viva La France!

19. The saddest, most vicious true life story I have ever seen. Sometimes real life is truly more horrifying than anything anyone could imagine.


20. The Haunting of Julia is just plain spooky. Poor Mia Farrow can't catch a break. The atmosphere seems so dreamlike and beautiful it makes you want to turn on the lights.





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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's Your Favorite Horror Movie IV


 11. Candyman, Candyman, um, yeah. If you saw the movie, you know what happens next. From Tony Todd's disturbingly deep voice to the revenge ending, this movie is absolutely frightening.

12. Weird. Shocking. Did I say weird? Lair of the White Worm is one of those movies that will make your brain itch.

13. What can I say about 'The Hills Have Eyes?" It's gory and scary as hell! If you haven't seen this movie, and I don't mean the frigging remake, you owe it to yourself to see this movie.

14. Wrong Turn is one of those movies that takes a very real situation, a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and adds some flavor. Crazy deformed backwoods cannibals, a smart plot, and lots of action.


15. Consider this: Dad wakes up one day declaring he has been told by an angel that there are demons walking the earth and it is his mission to kill them. Would you book him a one way ticket to the loony bin? Or help? That is the question posed in Frailty.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Your Favorite Horror Movie IV


 6. Gotta love a movie that gives you cockroaches galore, an infected redneck, boy eating plant, etc. Plus, it's Stephen Freakin' King!


7. In keeping with my Stephen King crush, a car that kills, is well, cool. Add the fact that the movie taught us such words as 'shitter' and you've got yourself an educational horror movie. Plus, the special effects during scenes of Christine's rejuvenation are incredible.


8. 'Come play with us, come play with us." Spooky. The scene with the guy in a bear suit doing something dirty with a guy laying on a hotel bed, creepy as hell. This movie screwed with head. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy my ass.


9. I don't know if it was Sissy Spaceks' eyes, the weird dreamlike look of the movie, her religious nut of a mother, or the jump out of your seat ending, but this movie got under my skin.


10. Gross. Gross. Gross. The animal killings in this movie are REAL. Cannibal Holocaust tells the story of researchers that go off into the jungle and find out they are the 'savages'. I don't see this movie as a horror film, I see it as a revenge movie. The cannibals are left with no other choice than to take extreme revenge on the researchers.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello my very special victims! It is that warm fuzzy time of the year when I get all giddy with anticipation. Why? Well, it isn't ONLY because Halloween is coming up, but because it means a year of discovering old horror movies and seeing new attempts at horror has gone by. We had our ups (revisioning of Evil Dead) and our lows (remake of Carrie, sorry). So without much further a do, let's get this year's list started!

  1. What could be better than a brother and sister who run a hotel and turn some of their guests into food? And the 'love story' is hilarious! If you're looking for something on a Friday night to make you laugh and occasionally jump, this is for you.                                
2. Love, love, love, love this movie! It has everything a girl like me can't get enough of: Bad ass soundtrack, gory kills, and killers that truly don't give a damn about any of the depraved acts they commit. Rob Zombie, I love you. 

3. The movie that took horror to the next level. Michael Myers. Tall, Silent, and very Deadly. This movie was the nail in the coffin of babysitting for many teenage girls.


4. Who knew that Jason Voorhees' mom was, well, a little touched? I mean, the loss of a child is perhaps the worst thing to happen to any parent, but the methods she


5. This woman scared the crap outta me. I mean, a cut tendon is cringe worthy, Gage's death scene is a tear jerker, but this image is what give me the chills every time I think about disturbing horror movie scenes. That'll do, Zelda. That'll do.

Well, I thought I would wet your whistles with only five today. Tune in Wednesday, October 11th for five more wonderfully terrifying movies.